Mindfulness – A Superpower

Just think, if you had the power to say or do the most appropriate thing at any given time, how would your life have been? You would say your life would have been healthier, happier and all your relationships much more fulfilling. And you are correct to say that. Mindfulness, as this superpower is called, gives you the ability to respond intelligently to any situation rather reacting blindly to it.

What is Mindfulness?

In simple terms, mindfulness is the ability of human beings to understand what is happening in their minds. In other words, if you are emotionally provoked by an external stimulus and instead of getting carried away by it, you comprehend the situation, judge the consequences and respond appropriately then you are a mindful person.
Watch this video from happify.com to know more about mindfulness.

So How does it Work?

Just like it is shown in the above video when you start to get angry your chest starts buzzing, your ears start turning red. But you would have hardly noticed that when it happened with you because you had been carried away by the anger and were probably shouting, screaming or hitting someone. With mindfulness, you become aware of your thoughts, feelings and body reactions to these thoughts and feelings. You notice that these momentary feelings from external events don’t define you or your experiences. And so, you reevaluate your feelings and take necessary steps to change how you feel. And finally, you are in a good position to decide how you should respond to the event.

You can start learning mindfulness from today. The easiest and most convenient way of learning mindfulness is meditation. Set aside 15 minutes of your day to meditate. Try to increase the sets as you progress. Short periods of meditation are more productive than an extended period.