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Our Approach

The program focuses on the broader spectrum of positive youth outcomes like social-emotional climate classrooms and systematic processes for modeling and cultivating emotional and social competencies to give all students behavioral, emotional and social benefits that lead to their success later in life.


The modules are as follows –

Workshop with teachers A workshop will be conducted for the teachers at the beginning of the program. The workshop acts as a psychological kit for increasing the awareness for social and emotional learning among the teachers. It’s a 6-hours workshop spread over 2 days.

Interventions – The teachers assess the competency gaps in the students. The consultant discusses the social and psychological competency issues with the teachers and validates them. Possible solutions are generated through mutual discussions. These interventions happen twice -  one month and six months after the workshop with teachers.

Awareness seminar for parents A seminar is organized by the school for the parents where representatives from the Life & Joy Foundation helps the parents understand the need for social and emotional learning.

Partner Institutes

Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur
Indo American Public School, Udaipur