Creating Socially Responsible Impact

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In your constant endeavors towards achievements and success, you have focused mainly on cognitive methods. You have undergone training which improved your analytical and problem-solving skills. But are you aware that cognitive growth doesn’t happen on its own? Healthy cognitive development, and as a result success, needs strong foundations of social and emotional competencies. A person needs to develop listening skills, relatedness, and empathy; he needs to interact and communicate effectively with his peers, elders, and mentors; he needs to motivate and inspire. At Life & Joy Foundation, we work with individuals and groups helping them improve their social and emotional competencies. We intend to form an ecosystem where champions of social and emotional skills train and empower others to become champions. And then the new champions can teach and empower others. In this way, as our network expands we aim to build an emotionally intelligent society together.

- Joydeep Sil
Founder, Life & Joy Foundation